2018 DEA-pitstop: neurology, EPISTOP & TAND - 19th Octobre

Beguinage, Leuven - 19th Octobre 2018
On the site of the beautiful Great Beguinage in Leuven, recognized as World Heritage, be-TSC is hosting the 2018 DEA pitstop jointly with E-TSC, the European TSC Association.
The focus will be on neurology, EPISTOP and TSC-Associated Neuropsychiatric Disorders (TAND). 
We have the honour of presenting leading researchers on this years topics including prof. Sergiusz Jóźwiak (EPISTOP) and prof. Petrus de Vries (TAND). Major contributions on the subject of behavioural issues will also be made by Lucy Wilde (PhD BSc, University of Birmingham), dr. Agnies van Eeghen (MD PhD, Erasmus MC Rotterdam), the Dutch TSC-and-behaviour Expertteam (ETSCG) and the TSC teams of the University Hospitals Brussels and Leuven. 

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